Todd Soulas

Consultant, founder, investor and unapologetic generalist.


Helping clients with strategy, transformation and innovation challenges

Impact Investing

Investing in a portfolio of social impact startups


Researching and writing points of view on a variety of topics


I bring over a decade of experience working with clients across the private and public sectors to respond to changes in their operating environment, perform better and reach new markets.

Project Examples

  • Development of a 'no-regrets' strategy to respond to impending ESG reporting requirements for a global bank

  • Design of a service delivery strategy and operating model options for a vocational education provider

  • Due diligence and integration planning for the acquisition of a professional services firm

  • Design and implementation of a stage-gated investment process for a retail bank based on human-centred design principles

Project archetypes

As a management consultant I have worked on a range of project types and with a broad cross section of industries however I have grouped my key focus areas below.

  • Strategy & Alignment - Helping to assess and guide strategic decisions on challenges around growth, acquisitions and emerging issues such as ESG.

  • Applied Innovation - Supporting organisations to adopt and leverage new technologies and methods in order to meet organisational aspirations.

  • Program Design & Implementation - Design and steering of both small and large programs including technology and business transformation initiatives.

  • Organisational Improvement - Identification of initiatives and evolutions for organisations to become more efficient and effective.

Impact Investing

I invest in early stage pre-seed social impact startups that can show clear alignment to one or more SDGs and have impact embedded in their operating model.

Portfolio Snapshot


From time to time I like to put my thoughts to paper on a range of topics and either publish these on my substack or external publications.