Hi, I'm Todd Soulas 👋

I’m an unapologetic generalist that wants to understand as much of the world as possible, especially as the lines between concepts and sectors continue to blur.

Based in Sydney, Australia I am a management consultant that works with clients with a focus on strategy, business design, transformation and social impact. I am also deeply interested in building businesses and have a growing portfolio of side-projects and investments that I speak about here.

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Current Projects

I'm currently working on a few things.

💸 Side Projects

  • Aesko - Organic plant based solutions to modern ailments such as sleep issues
  • Stayy - Digital guidebooks and guest in-stay purchase platform for vacation rentals
  • Green Smoothie - A weekly guide with tips and news on wellness to help you lead a better life with over 1000 subscribers

🔮 Investments

If you are an early stage founder working on something that delivers a social impact and are looking for support/investment please reach out!

Let's chat

I want to hear from you!

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