🧭 Career development resources for regional and remote students
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🧭 Career development resources for regional and remote students

🧭 Career development resources for regional and remote students
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You can access it the resource list here.

There was already a disparity between opportunities for those in the major capital cities of Australia and then those that are in regional and rural areas. While things may have gotten better since I was in school in regional WA the proximity to resources and supporting infrastructure as well as just being exposed to more experiences still puts city based students at an advantage.

What looking for career guidance outside of a capital city can feel like

I'm still lucky that my mother was able to take a day off work to travel with me for 2hrs to Perth to attend a Chartered Accountants Career Day event where I learnt all about a number of career options that might be available to me once I left high school.

With a massive shift to online learning and experiences in the last 18 months due to COVID-19 you'd think that it would have levelled the playing field to some extent however anecdotally I've seen evidence that this may not be the case.

Systemic influences are already in place and a shift to online learning seems to have largely entrenched the status quo rather than changed it. This has happened by reinforcing geographic barriers when seeking to access networks and experiences for guidance. Reinforcement of the status quo occurs because unless you were already aware of certain groups, resources and events that may have transitioned online it is highly unlikely that you would have been exposed to it after it did shift online due to reinforced social bubbles and decrease in potential for mixing.

On the flip side because there has been a massive shift online for many communities and resources there is an opportunity for those in regional and remote communities to access them at higher levels than previously available - as long as they know about them and are able to take advantage of them.

This means that new digital learning, remote work and work experience opportunities are all there on offer and my assumption is that this will continue to grow. In order to support this I have pulled together a list of 50+ resources for regional and remote students (and their parents and teachers) to help them broaden their horizons.

What the resource list looks like

You can access it here.

Feel free to suggest any additions here.